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Frozen Flame: Two Friends Tale

Desarrollador Kiddy Game Box

The characters of this maze runner game are very different: one resembles a fireball, while the other one is more like an ice cube! Fire and ice have never been on good terms but in order to escape the labyrinth they should put their differences aside and act together. Control both of them to solve tricky tasks in the maze of Frozen Flame: Two Friends Tale and save the world! You are the only one to help fire and ice in this arcade game. HOW TO PLAYTap the pointers buttons to move the characters and jump. To switch between fire and ice tap the button on the right.
Frozen Flame: Two Friends Tale features☼ Maze escape with 2 amazing characters: fire and ice;☃ NEW LEVELS with unique graphics;☼ Intuitive control with pointers of jump and run games;☃ Different locations with fabulous design;☼ Reaction training while playing a labyrinth puzzle.
Maze runners have never been more interesting: with Frozen Flame: Two Friends Tale you can kill time and develop your logical thinking at the same time. Lets start the maze adventure with fire and ice - the brave heroes are waiting for you!